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DerbyCon 8.0

Once again, we are heading to DerbyCon! The big deal this year, is that Kevin and I have been given an opportunity to speak. We will be talking about how to make your own attack tools from a $4 USD Arduino Nano.

These simple Arduinos are a great, low cost way to make your own hacking tools. In the talk, we will be showing you some of the tools we have built and give you some ideas on building your own.

We look forward to seeing our DerbyCon family again and we look forward to making new friends this year too!

– Michael

Build a MAM at CypherCon 3.0

Today marks the start of CypherCon 3.0 here in Milwaukee. Once again, we are lucky enough to be running a hardware hacking village. Attendees are able to stop over and build a Minimal Arcade Machine (MAM) based on an ATtiny85.

You can find out more about the project and find the build documents here.


Fixing a bricked FTDI chip from Linux

Some years ago FTDI pushed out a new driver with Windows Update that bricks counterfeit FTDI chips by setting the Product ID to “0000”.

But if you are here you probably know that already.

Here is the process that worked for me to return the FTDI chip back to its original VID:PID of 0403:6001 from a Linux (Ubuntu) computer.

  1. Plug in your bricked device.  If you run “lsusb” it should show a device at “0403:0000”.
  2. Download ft232r_prog from ft232r_prog (v1.24) and extract to a folder
  3. Install the build dependencies by running “sudo apt-get install make gcc libftdi-dev"
  4. Change directory into the folder ft232r_prog where the file ft232r_prog.c resides
  5. Type “make” to build the program
  6. Now run “sudo ./ft232r_prog --old-pid 0x0000 --new-pid 0x6001
  7. You are done.  Unplug and re-insert your USB device and run “lsusb” again.  It should show an id of 0403:6001